Rosie’s August Tip of the Month!

9 Aug

Don’t move to New York City in August. Bad idea. I think I am literally melting.



Lilith Fair Salt Lake City Cancelled

7 Jul

Unfortunately, the Lilith Fair in Salt Lake City has been cancelled. Refunds are available at point of purchase for those of you who bought tickets. Rosie will still be performing at the Lilith Fair tour stop in Denver, so we hope some of you will be able to make it out.

Rosie’s July Tip of the Month!

1 Jul

Hello my darlings!
Happy summer to you!

So here’s my July tip of the month for you!

A good way to keep cool and eat healthy?
Freeze a bag of grapes, and when the time is right, pop em in your mouth!!

Rosie T.

Rosie’s June Tip of the Month!

1 Jun

Dearest you,

Happy June! Can you even believe it’s already here? Are you ready? It’s been raining catfish and dog food in Seattle, so it hasn’t quite hit me yet.

So, my June tip of the month for you is…….
“You don’t have to buy new stuff when you can just paint your old stuff!”
It’s a cheap way to change things up, and feel like you’ve gotten some new bits to decorate your pretty house. Paint the chair a new color, picture frames too, and that dresser you never completely adored? Well, make it adorable with a new coat of paint! Go ahead, give it a new personality! Have fun and remember not to paint in your favorite duds… I repainted the tips of my beloved shoes by accident last week, and now they may have a bit too much personality!

Love to you,
Rosie T.

Rosie’s May tip of the month

3 May

-Make bouquets of lilacs while you still can!!
-Go on a days drive with your best friend.
-Hit as many church rummage sales as you can find.
-Rent “Neverending Story.”
-Make homemade lemonade, just be ready for a bit of a sugar high.
-Try to hear the breeze, meaning, “Zip your lip!” Go someplace, and just sit for awhile, then listen to the sounds around you. You just may be surprised at how “loud” silence can really be and all the pretty sounds you miss around you every single day. I went and sat in a park alone the other day. I listened to the wind blow the leaves of the trees for quite a long time. I even pretended I lived there and thought about climbing a tree, but i chickened out.

Love to you,
Rosie tosie

Spilling Hope + Free Track

12 Apr

Rosie is excited to be apart of a great initiative to provide clean water in Uganda. She contributed a song for Spilling Hope Volume One, and together with great music from bands around the country, we hope to bring attention to the HUGE issue of clean water.

Thousands die every day from preventable, water born illness…Spilling Hope challenges people to give up something for the 50 days following Easter (a cup of coffee…a dinner out…cable etc.) and at the end give to Spilling Hope for the building of wells. The goal is to raise at least $100,000 which will provide 10 wells…serving 800+ people each!

Live Simply. Give Generously. Change Lives.

Please check out the music…its free! There is a ton of information on, so get educated and get involved…its important!

Update From Rosie…

8 Apr

Hello everybody!

So I finally finished my next record at the end of January!  I recorded it with Dave Bazan and Blake Wescott in Seattle and we had such a great time putting every song together.  My brother played and sang on it and my fella Jeff Shoop too and a ton of other friends who contributed beautifully to the songs. It is the proudest record I have made thus far and I can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, I have really been enjoying my time off.  Did stand up comedy again a couple of weeks ago and loved it, it sure has been awhile! I felt so brave! Flew to Kansas to visit my Grandpa Maynard on the farm and actually helped birth my first calf while I was there…it was incredible!  I was screaming, “it’s a boy! it’s a boy!” and I named him Sunny because he was born right at sunset.

Mr. Shoop and I may be planning a move to New York soon, my brother Brian is buying a sailboat to live on for the summer, I’m learning how to cook! I made a homemade risotto the other was delicious and I was so proud! I can’t wait for the lilac trees to bloom again and I’m really looking forward to playing these living room shows at the end of the month too.

Life is fun. Hope yours has been too.

All my love,
Rosie T.