Rosie + Iron & Wine on Jimmy Fallon!

3 Jan

Tune in this Thursday, Jan 6 to see Rosie perform with Iron & Wine on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon!
Get out your decoder rings, and watch carefully as Rosie will be sending a secret message to all the Little Orphan Annie Secret Society Members.
*Note – Message may look like a series of smiles, blinking, and emotive hand gestures.

One Response to “Rosie + Iron & Wine on Jimmy Fallon!”

  1. michael oberlin January 3, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    My wife and I were so touched by discovering your song “Sell All My Things.
    We are in our late 60s, and still have no clue where we will be next month–other than knowing we’ll be out of the States forever. Perhaps Columbia, Chile, India, or Thailand. Don’t expect to ever “settle down”–I think that is a myth perpetuated by our elders. We have little money, but much love. That’s what counts, isn’t it? And compassion for others. All our friends and relatives are dead. We are blessed to have each other. You have been a gift to us. Thank you and may the world treat you with the kindness you–and we all–deserve. Michael and Merri Oberlin

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