7 Dec

Make popcorn string for your tree garland, and get creative with ornaments!! Old sewing spools make great tree ornaments and simple balls of yarn too.

What you need for garland fun!
1 bag of popcorn kernels
(when popping sound slows down, immediately pull off the burner!!)
1 sewing needle
1 spool of thread
1 heart full of Holiday cheer!!
(egg nog or hot chocolate optional, but always a good idea. You can spike em too… )

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Kristin December 7, 2010 at 2:53 am #

    Dear Rosie,

    My only Christmas wish this year is to successfully organize a flash dance/lip sync in NYC to “Why Can’t It Be Christmastime All Year?”. Your album, A Very Rosie Christmas, is my favorite Christmas album EVER, but I don’t think the rest of the world knows just how awesome it really is! Can I have your Christmas blessings (and even help if you have friends in the NYC area) to organize this flash dance/lip sync? Even though there are just a few weeks left until the holiday, I believe, with a little bit of Christmas magic, we can make this happen!!

    Kristin (a huuuuge Rosie fan)

  2. ~katie~ December 7, 2010 at 3:20 am #

    In case anyone is looking for a (spiked) egg nog recipe
    this one is pretty darn yum!

    Egg Nog

    12 eggs

    3 cans Eagle Brand Milk

    3 cups Milk

    1 cup 1/2 and 1/2

    2 1/2 Cups Scotch

    ¾ cup rum

    1 tsp vanilla extract


    I put the eggs in a food processor until all is blended and then

    strain them into a huge pot where I add the rest of the ingredients.

    This recipe is also yum and tastes like

    Norwegian Cream (Irene Kobsa)

    4 Eggs

    1 Can Eagle Brand Milk

    1 tsp Instant Coffee

    1 ½ tsp chocolate extract

    1/2/ tsp vanilla extract

    ¼ tsp coconut extract

    1 cup ½ and ½

    1 1/3 – 1 ½ cups Scotch

    Combine and Blend in blender for 1 ½ minutes

    Happy Holidays and let’s just hope that Little Debbie
    never goes out of business! 😉

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