Rosie’s June Tip of the Month!

1 Jun

Dearest you,

Happy June! Can you even believe it’s already here? Are you ready? It’s been raining catfish and dog food in Seattle, so it hasn’t quite hit me yet.

So, my June tip of the month for you is…….
“You don’t have to buy new stuff when you can just paint your old stuff!”
It’s a cheap way to change things up, and feel like you’ve gotten some new bits to decorate your pretty house. Paint the chair a new color, picture frames too, and that dresser you never completely adored? Well, make it adorable with a new coat of paint! Go ahead, give it a new personality! Have fun and remember not to paint in your favorite duds… I repainted the tips of my beloved shoes by accident last week, and now they may have a bit too much personality!

Love to you,
Rosie T.


One Response to “Rosie’s June Tip of the Month!”

  1. smilinginthesun June 4, 2010 at 2:32 am #

    and I would also say: take a short trip to anywhere you can enjoy life until the smell of fresh paint has disappeared… Love your posts Rosie!!! And music too!!!

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