Spilling Hope + Free Track

12 Apr

Rosie is excited to be apart of a great initiative to provide clean water in Uganda. She contributed a song for Spilling Hope Volume One, and together with great music from bands around the country, we hope to bring attention to the HUGE issue of clean water.

Thousands die every day from preventable, water born illness…Spilling Hope challenges people to give up something for the 50 days following Easter (a cup of coffee…a dinner out…cable etc.) and at the end give to Spilling Hope for the building of wells. The goal is to raise at least $100,000 which will provide 10 wells…serving 800+ people each!

Live Simply. Give Generously. Change Lives.

Please check out the music…its free! There is a ton of information on www.spillinghope.org, so get educated and get involved…its important! http://www.spillinghope.org/compilation


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